About Us

Tertium recte fecimus.

College IT is located in Harper Memorial Library on the second floor in room 238, and in the Biological Sciences Learning Center, room 310. Our group provides support to the faculty and staff of the College at the University of Chicago and at the University of Chicago Center in Paris.

Among other things, we provide computer software and hardware support, website design and development, database development and administration, file server access, and electronic communication services, as well as consulting and purchasing services for faculty and staff. We also provide network assistance, BSCD lab computer management and support for the Umbrella Initiative's Faculty Technology events occuring throughout the year.

College IT: 

Valerie Archambeau  
Director, College IT

Thalia Kapica 
Lead Web Developer

Akira Rice
Junior Web Developer

Nenad Petrovic
Technology Manager

Joe Stupar  
Manager, Systems and Applications


John Schlaak
Student Computing Support Assistant