Filtering your Junk

The new junkmail system from IT Services takes some work to train, but a little daily pruning on your part can help keep your Inbox clear of Junk and full of messages that you need to see. Here's now to review your messages and only keep what you really want:

  1. Log in to the junkmail server at (the old url, works as well).
  2. On the page that appears, you should see "Pending Messages". You're most likely going to delete 99% of these, but in the initial training phase it's useful to quickly scan the messages to make sure there are no real emails getting through.
  3. Above the list of messages, click the red X to "Set all to Reject Message"
  4. Now scroll down the list of messages, scanning for any that look to be legitimate. For any legitimate messages, change the dropdown in the Status column to "Accept Message"
  5. When you've reviewed one page of messages and marked any that you'd like to keep, click "Submit Changes" at the bottom of the page to perform the selected action on the messages. 
  6. Continue with the next page of messages until you've either rejected or accepted all of the messages in your queue.