IT Services Password Change Campaign

You may have received an email from IT Services about the Password Change Campaign. It would look like this:

Dear Colleague,
Keeping your personal information secure is a top priority for the University. In an effort to strengthen the security of the University’s network, computing, and data, we are launching a CNet Password Refresh Campaign.

Beginning with University staff members, and later including all faculty and students, the campaign will require those members of the University community who have not changed their password within the last 12 months to do so.

If you would like assistance, support staff are available to help you at 773-702-5800 (2-5800).

Tom Barton
Senior Director for Architecture, Integration, and Security
Chief Information Security Officer
University of Chicago

Passwords will now need to be longer (a minimum of 12 characters), but you will have the option to use a "passphrase" instead – which is a sentence of at least 19 characters.

The email goes on to provide a link to more information about the change and where to go to upgrade your password:

 The new password should be available to use almost immediately -- and you will need to update all of your devices that use your CNetID for email, WIFI access, etc.

Please be on alert that some phishing schemes may try to take advantage of this campaign to send similar messages with faux URLs. IT Services' email doesn't contain any links, and the URL included is clearly associated with the domain.

If you have any questions, you can use the number provided above, and you can always contact College IT, of course.