Phishy Emails

Lately we've noticed an increase in the number of bounced emails that contain spam messages. If you see these in your Inbox, it doesn't mean someone has hacked into your account and is using it to send spam all your friends and colleagues. IT Services has a useful article that explains everything: What occurs is that a spammer uses your email address as the From in spam or phish messages sent to others. That way, his true identity is hidden, and he also does not receive the bounce-backs of potentially tens or even thousands of emails. In this case, an attacker did not access your email to send the spam. He simply forged the sending address. It's as if someone wrote your name and address as the return address on an envelope and dropped it in the postal mailbox. If it can't be delivered, the envelope would be returned to you by the post office. It is very unlikely you were personally targeted. You can read the rest of the article here: Read More