University is Switching from cMail to xMail

The central IT group, IT Services (formerly NSIT) is working to move all email accounts off of the old mail server ( to the campus Microsoft Exchange server.  All College faculty and staff will receive an xMail account (if they don't already have one).

College IT will send you an email prior to your account migration.  If you currently access your mail via the web, you'll go to after the migration.

If you use an email client, like Thunderbird or Eudora to check your mail, we will help you move to Mac Mail (if you're a Mac User) or Outlook (if you're on a Windows machine) during the migration process.

Mail messages in folders within cMail will be copied to your new account on the Exchance server.  If you keep mail in local folders (on the hard drive), or maintain a contact list in your mail client, you'll need to let us know so that we can try to help you move them over to the new client.

Please contact if you have questions.


(Thanks to Bill Geraci for a goodly portion of this content and the graphic)