Windows 7 Temp Profiles: What's the Opposite of Deja Vu?

If you use Windows 7, chances are at some point you will experience an odd sensation when logging into your computer. A sense that you've never been here before. George Carlin called it "Vuja De," but what it really is, in this case, is the Windows 7 temporary profile.

What it is:

Windows 7 loads a temporary profile when it runs into trouble loading your personal profile (which contains your settings, desktop, etc.). This can happen in the College because many of our users have their profiles stored on our server, and if there's any disruption in the connection to the server, Windows 7 steps in and "helps out" by loading the temporary profile. In other  cases, it may mean that the profile is corrupted.

What to do:

Try restarting your computer once or twice to see if the normal profile will load. If that doesn't work, contact (if you're supported by our group).

If you don't have departmental support to fall back on, there are a number of helpful pages that provide the steps for fixing this problem. Please note: they involve messing with the Registry and are not for the faint of heart: