Before You Leave For Break

Whether you're heading home for the holidays or staying on campus like the rest of us working stiffs, please consider these steps to help keep our workplace secure.
Lock Your Doors and Windows
If you leave your office, even for a short period of time, close and lock the door.  Do not leave your keys in the door. Make sure that exterior doors are closed and windows locked when you leave your building. Make sure that any propped doors are closed and locked.  
Use Your Deadbolts
If your office has a deadbolt lock, always lock it when you leave for the night.
Secure Your Valuables
Move valuables in your office out of the line of site from the hallway. Better yet, store them in a locked desk or file cabinet drawer.
Watch Your Coat
Don’t hang anything valuable on coat hooks on your door or leave anything valuable in the pockets of your coat.
Take Your Laptop
If you have a laptop computer in your office, consider taking it with you when you go home for the day.  If you plan to be away for an extended period, store your laptop in a locked desk or file cabinet or take it with you.  If you leave a laptop in your office overnight, be sure that there is no confidential data on it and that critical data are backed up.  Faculty should be sure to back up their computers regularly.  If you need assistance with backups, please contact College IT at
No Propping
Do not prop open external or inter-building doors, and close ones that are propped open.
Report Suspicious People / Activities

If you see someone in your building you don’t recognize or whose conduct makes you suspicious or uncomfortable, notify University Police:
Call 123 from a campus phone  
Call 702-8181 from a cell phone

Alert University Police as soon as possible when there is a person in a building who may not belong there.  When you call University Police give them the following information:

  • Time, date, and location you saw the person  
  • A description of the person’s distinguishing physical characteristics such as build, facial hair, eye color, hair style, tattoos, or unusual marks  
  • A description of the person's clothing, jewelry, glasses, hat, shoes, backpack

If trespassers know that they will be reported, they will be less likely to risk entering buildings.

Please let us know if you have further ideas to deter break-ins.

Happy Holidays!

College IT