The Umbrella Initiative

College IT participates in a coalition of fellow campus technology organizations named The Umbrella Initiative. The initiative sponsors events dedicated to introducing faculty and staff to the technology resources available on campus. Some of the major events that we co-run are described below. Watch for updates on the Umbrella website.

Fall Technology Receptions

Every Fall, the Umbrella Initiative organizes a wine-and-cheese reception in the Cathey Reading Room, where faculty and staff can meet with representatives from each of the technology organizations on campus and learn about important university resources, such as:

  • Chalk (Blackboard)'
  • Eduroam
  • Library eReserves
  • Computer equipment purchases
  • A/V services and multimedia classrooms
  • Safe computing
  • Desktop support
  • Online class lists and grading
  • Research resources

Faculty Technology Day

The annual Faculty Technology Day showcases efforts to implement and improve academic technologies. It features presentations from the faculty and administration at the university on issues ranging from the future of online learning to digital copyright law. It also features poster presentations from technology organizations, updating faculty on new resources and practices.

Web Community Meet-ups