College IT provides a number of services to the faculty and staff of the College of the University of Chicago. If you have any questions about the services listed here, feel free to call us at 773-834-2189.

Computer and Software Consultation

College IT gladly provides help with picking out the right computer and software packages for your teaching and research. Questions about Macs vs. PCs, the usefulness of an iPad, the Adobe Creative Suite, and more welcome as well. Send us an email or stop by!

Computer Purchasing and Setup

Selected your dream machine? College IT can place the order for your computer, order Applecare for your Macintosh (which we do recommend getting) and upon receiving it in our office will perform initial setup duties so your computer will be ready to be used as soon as you pick it up! System updates, antivirus, Microsoft Office, Firefox, Chrome, and more are installed right in our office. We can also assist in migrating your files from your old computer.


Support and Troubleshooting

Is your machine acting a bit strange? Perhaps you're getting error messages you don't understand, or you're worried about having contracted a virus or spyware? Maybe you're having trouble getting your iPhone to connect to the Internet or your email? Bring your machine down to College IT and we will diagnose and remove problems afflicting your machine. We also help with networking issues in your office, and moving machines from room to room.


Computing and IT Support in Paris

Going abroad to Paris? College IT has a support station there, too! For information about precautions to take when travelling with your computer, as well as advice about how best to prepare your machine for the journey overseas, check out our Paris IT page.

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